Have questions about your new textbook or math calculator? Need more information about jacket sizes, convocation gowns or that custom embroidered golf shirt you’ve been eyeing? It is easy to reach our friendly staff by phone. Simply dial 519-888-4567 followed by the staff extension. For general inquiries to the BookStore please dial 1-866-330-7933. To email us, click our names and we’ll respond within one business day.

Retail Services Administrative Staff
Director Ryan Jacobs x35221
Administrative Officer Michael Jack x39256
General Information General Information x84673
Financial Officer Christiana Alkiviades x36080
Receiving/ Shipping Manager Bruce Dmitrienko x33572
Business Development Officer Jaime Philip x36713
Marketing Co-ordinator Kevin Suess x36143
Information Systems
Operations Administrator Randy Dauphin x35681
Technical Support Specialist Sean Harris x37545
Book Store Staff
Inquiries General Contact x84673
Course Materials Specialist Iain Dmitrienko x32471
Course Materials Specialist Shawn Gilbertson x36078
Custom Materials Co-ordinator Madelaine Paterson x33996
Customer Service Assistant and General Books Gordon Higginson x35078
Book Store POS Supervisor Elsa Woodhall x37504
Campus Tech Staff
Manager John Jaray x36389
General Information CampusTech x33518
Sales Associate   x33975
Technician Dale Kentner x36927
Fleet Copier Assistant Ben Pocock x35740
Write Stuff Staff
General Information Write Stuff x32251
Sales Associate Gary Peters x32251
Waterloo Store Staff
General Information Waterloo Store x33914
General Merchandise Manager Beth Alemany x35446
GM Co-ordinator Alberta Wood x33914
Custom Order Specialist Erin Pritchard x35439
New Media Services Staff
General Information General Information x33083
Project Co-ordinator Laurie Weiler x33083
Copy Centre Operator   x32334
Copy Centre Operator Paula Zahra x33878
Copy Centre Technician Yvonne Ertel x35997
Digital Production Supervisor Karen Ertel x36575
Digital Production Co-ordinator Lisa Holden x35741
Shipper/Receiver Bruce Woods x36885